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Tamura Sensei Clip

This particular seminar was the first and only time I got a chance to get my hands on Tamura Sensei. In watching this clip, I'm reminded how my brief encounter with him has had such an impact on my study of aikido, physically as well as philosophically. The footage was taken at a USAF summer camp. I was there the whole week and got to experience the aikido of just about all the instructors that presented their practice. At the time I did not understand what Tamura Sensei was doing but I knew no one else there was doing what he was. I left that camp with an entirely different perspective on what I thought aikido was and would be to me. I consider myself extremely fortunate to be able to continue that line of study under Takeguchi Sensei. Although not a student of Tamura Sensei, I feel that Takeguchi Sensei is very similar in 'feel' though the training model differs.

Over the years, I've also thought a lot about what Tamura Sensei says in the interview portion. While I make it a point not to preach philosophy on the mat, I am in total agreement with Sensei, especially with regards to ones individual purpose and goals in keiko. I feel too many senior people try to force their practice on others, forgetting that each person has their own path to explore. It is my hope that the members of my dojo continue to risk failure and be courageous in the discovery of their own 'do'.