Potomac Aikikai

21580 Atlantic Blvd. Suite 131, Sterling, VA, 20166

Dedicated to the training and promotion of Aikido, a Japanese budo.



Congratulations to Linda Centek (now 4th kyu) and Ed Santos (now shodan). Kudos to all the dojo members for their constant support in helping Linda and Ed prepare for testing. 

I thought overall testing went very well. From 5th kyu to the yondan demos it was interesting to see the how the various dojo incorporate the shared aikido principles that bind our organization. As well, it's always good to train with our extended CAF family and maintain those good relationships. 

Let's continue to keep the sweat equity high and enjoy each mindful moment on and off the mat. 

Some in house things to look forward to in the upcoming months:
- Visiting instructor Tom Tedesci (Capital Aikikai)
- Aikido & Yoga workshop
- Xmas party
- Kagami Biraki training with Dave Millar (Capital Aikikai)

Ed Santos nage, Luigi Allado uke